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As an independent, family-run retailer of high-quality clothes for men, women and children, we’re huge supporters of supporting small businesses. We do this ourselves wherever possible, plus every time you buy from our website you’re playing a key role in helping a small business to thrive. With this in mind, in this blog we’re looking at the top five reasons to choose small businesses and buy local. 

Support a local community 

Whether you’re based near us in East Yorkshire or further afield, when you buy items from Black Cat Clothing you gain the peace of mind that you’re supporting a local business and its community. That’s the beauty of using small businesses, as they’re a key part of a wider local economy run by likeminded people. 

A reduced carbon footprint 

Small businesses have a lower impact on the environment than large stores and brands. This is because their supply chains tend to be more contained, which results in less transportation and in turn a smaller carbon footprint. 
If you’re based relatively close to the small business, you know that your items haven’t travelled very far in order to get from A to B. Even if you’re at the other side of the country, you can rest assured that it’s a direct route rather than your goods going through a convoluted process that creates unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

Create local jobs 

The better a small business performs, the more likely it is to create local jobs. Whether these roles are in-house or offered to contractors and freelancers, it all goes towards fuelling the local jobs market and economy. For example, this website was created by It’seeze Websites Hull and East Yorkshire, which is based just up the road from Black Cat Clothing. 

There’s always a human available 

With small businesses you know that when you want to talk to an actual person, there will be one available and happy to help. There’s no noisy call centre putting you on hold or faceless communication portal asking you to prove you’re human, just good old-fashioned customer service between the business and the consumer. 

Quality over quantity 

Though shopping with large online retailers is convenient, a lot of the products available are of a very low quality. That’s why their prices can sometimes seem strangely low and it’s very much a case of you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that local businesses can’t offer great prices and the occasional bargain though, as they strike a perfect balance between quality and quantity. 

Browse our range of stylish clothing 

We greatly appreciate everyone who visits this website, follows us on social media and, of course, makes a purchase from Black Cat Clothing. We reward your custom with top-quality goods, a fast response, free delivery on orders over £20, outstanding customer service, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’ve supported a small business. Thanks for being part of our ongoing journey! 
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